Get profit from medical services

International platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, with support in development and scaling by ministries of health, public and private medical centers and pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

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Problems of medical and pharmaceutical industry

Our mission

Organize remote and secure interaction in the market of medical and pharmaceutical products and services. Build transparent relationships without risks to improve the level of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Wholesale sellers
of pharmaceutical products

The most important component in the business of selling pharmaceutical products is the quality and quantity of sales. This platform allows increasing the company's revenue, expand work with pharmacy chains, build a more robust chain from the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products to the end user.


It is important for each doctor to provide the patient with high-quality help to prescribe quality pharmaceuticals so that the patient is satisfied.

Medical center

For each medical center it is important to have high-quality and professional staff as well as medical and diagnostic equipment that meets all the modern requirements in clinics and hospitals. Services must be available to the public and have positive ratings of their work by patients.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical goods

This platform allows manufacturers of pharmaceutical products to clearly track the path of the produced drug to the end user, thereby eliminating the possibility of producing counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Thanks to the analysis the pharmaceutical manufacturer is evaluated by the consumer and has the opportunity to improve the quality of products and remain competitive on the market.


For pharmacy chains it is important to have on sale high-quality, genuine, in-demand products purchased at more flexible prices, thereby attracting an additional flow of buyers.


It is important for each patient to have proven and affordable medical services, starting from the doctor who diagnoses and up to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products so that in this chain of interactions all links are at the highest level at the best prices, regardless of the geographical location of patients.

Insurance companies

For each insurance company it is important to avoid being deceived by medical centers and medical professionals - each insured event must be auditable so that insurance companies do not suffer losses.

Our Partners


Partner for development and promotion of the platform in Ukraine


South africa


Partner for the development and promotion of the platform in China



Partner for the development and promotion of the platform in Bulgaria


Partner for the development and promotion of the platform in the UAE


Partner for development and promotion of the platform in Turkey



Partner for development and promotion of the platform in Kazakhstan

The mobile app for interacting with the platform

  • Easy search and selection of medical centers, doctors or pharmacies located nearby

  • Analysis based on patient comments and ratings

  • Quality control of purchased pharmaceutical products

  • Ability to evaluate the quality of pharmaceutical products and services

  • Evaluation of insurance policies sold by companies as well as their service

17 %

Limited offer


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Limited offer

Platform architecture

The platform has 6 integrated modules that help participants interact with both each other.

  • Doctors

  • Medical Centers

  • Patients

  • Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products

  • Wholesalers of pharmaceutical products

  • Pharmacies

  • Insurance companies

Profit and tоkеп distribution


Project Expansion


Reserve Fund


Platform Development







  • 250 000 000 ATL

    Tоkепs remain with ATLANTlCO Network team

  • 250 000 000 ATL

    Reserved for rewards to participants using the platform

  • 250 000 000 ATL

    Maximum available for tоkеп sale

  • 250 000 000 ATL

    For IPO and listing on stock exchanges


We invite representatives from different countries to cooperate for the development and scaling of the platform..

  • Stephane Deceulener


    Businessman with many years of experience in the successful creation and development of businesses from scratch. Since 1982, he has established and developed businesses in the direction of real estate construction and sales in Spain, restaurant business in California and Spain, at the moment is the founder of the energy trading company in Spain SOLELEC IBERICA S. L.

  • Bernard Patrick Dobson

    Financial director

    British born Certified Accountant has a long career working mainly for Middle Eastern and US multinational companies in over a dozen different countries across 4 continents. Most recently he was engaged by one of the world's foremost sovereign wealth funds but now operates as an independent consultant on all matters financial and has been the chief third party advisor to Atlantic for the last two years.

  • Alain Marc Duriaux


    Institute of Diffusion-Bruxel communications 1970 - 1972
    The military service , License of Gentleman Rider Royal Jockey club of Belgium, 1974
    ANT Consultant.
    Cooperation with Amerf Salud Africa 2015

  • Jose Pernia Calderon

    Representative in Spain for development and scaling of the platform

    1985-1989 - Vice Mayor of Marbella, Spain, Founding partner of the company M95TV MARBELLA.

  • Toni Karakutev

    PR and marketing

    Bulgarian-Danish College Veliko Tarnovo University
    Work on projects:
    - under cover
    - series amnesia
    - the road to costa de maresme

  • Murat Ibragimov

    Representative in Russia for development and scaling of the platform

    Cardiologist , doctor medicine.
    Working place: A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery

  • Maxim Zakharkiv

    Representative in Bulgaria for development and scaling of the platform

    Вowner of Kolmax company which works in the field of real estate. Kolmax company, together with partners, has implemented more than 80 projects in the Republic of Bulgaria.

    Also since 2006 he is a practicing lawyer whose clients were such companies as Martinex, MB grupp, ALMA Holidays (one of the largest tour operators in Bulgaria)

  • Andrei Eremin

    Representative in Ukraine for development and scaling of the platform

    In 1998 he graduated from the Poltava branch of the Kiev military Institute of management and communication and received an academic bachelor's degree in educational and professional program-"telecommunications". Until 2008 he served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine as an officer. After leaving he worked in commercial organizations, going from Manager to Director of the company.

  • Al-Ziyadekh Ali

    Representative in Jordanians for development and scaling of the platform

    The entrepreneur,the representative of the company Digital Systems and Networks in Jordan

  • Ajay Taneja

    Digital marketing / bounty manager

    Indian born software/marketing professional having 15 years of experience. Presently holding position of director in AGNAYI.
    Head Marketing in Crowdfunding Bitbose.
    CEO at

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  • The launch of Atlantic International Finance and Loan Limited Company

    June 1987
  • 1990-1997

    Restaurant business, a catering company and Palm Desert restaurant, California, USA

  • Work in financial and real estate industries in Belgium

  • Work in real estate on the Costa del Sol.


    Work in the restaurant business in Costa del Sol.

  • 2007

    Sale of 80% of real estate, mostly in the areas of Puerto Banus (Marbella) and San Pedro De Alcantara (Marbella)

  • Creation of an energy company Solelec iberica that works with the largest medical centers in Costa Del Sol and Marbella (Spain), such as Xanit International Hospital Benalmadena and Marbella International Hospital

    October 2013
  • Work in the restaurant business in Belgium, launch of the best restaurant Le Borse cafe, place Albert Chiffrer № 1, Nivelles 1400, Belgium.

  • Sale of 100% of real estate in Belgium. Mostly in Nivelles

  • Development of the concept and reaching out to potential partners of the company

    July 2016 - June 2017
  • Creating a team to realise the project.

    January - May 2018
    June 2018

    Creating a demo version of the platform and the mobile app, filing a patent application in the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, EU and USA.

  • Signing a preliminary agreement with Ministries of Health of Ukraine and South Africa on testing the platform in state medical centers.

    July 2018
    July 2018

    Token Pre-Sale

  • lCO

    August - October 2018
  • Listing of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    November 2018
  • December 2018 - January 2019

    Launch of the mobile application and platform

  • Buyback of tokens from members who received them as a bonus for using the platform (patients, medical centers, doctors)

    January 2019
  • Signing contracts describing the form of work with Ministries of Health in countries where the platform is operating, further promotion of the platform around the world.

    February 2019
    March 2019

    The choice of an exchange for the IPO.

  • April - June 2019

    Negotiations with underwriters on the terms of listing on the exchange.

  • Creation of a legal framework to carry out an IPO.

    July 2019 - January 2020
  • Redemption of tokens from the participants of the platform, tokens are awarded in the form of bonuses for using the platform (patients, medical centres, doctors)

    January 2020
  • January - March 2020

    Creation of a public joint-stock company

  • implementation of the technical and legal framework and work with banks and underwriters involved in the IPO, an audit to assess the capitalization and value of the assets of the public joint stock company

    April - October 2020
  • January 2021

    IPO, the issuance of token shares to the holders of the placement shares on the exchange

  • January 2022

    first payment of dividends to shareholders

Our Advisors

  • Paulo Carneiro


    Mining entrepreneur, blockchain professional, IСО advisor, International VC professional, accountant specialised in managerial accounting and investment management. Director of IСОBoard.Network and tоkеп, from 2010 to 2012 Mr. Carneiro invested in Ghana in a gold mining and trading project, furthermore he was involved in going public on Toronto and Frankfurt exchanges and is also a member at GAUDI-UFBA, a study group on blockchain, and other advanced technologies.

  • Abiola Jacob


    Abiola Jacob is the CEO of Echelon launchpad a blockchain advisory business with which he has worked with blockchain projects like TоkепOx, XatraCoin, Swapplly etc. He is also a contributing writer on and has been a blockchain enthusiast for the past few years investing in all things blockchain related

  • Sukhvinder Singh


    A professional blockchain architect and marketing oriented specialist working with IСО projects with high aspiring value in the market. Helped many startups to get the initial fundraising form the venture firms.

  • Qusai Sharef

    Technical Advisor | Research and development (R&D)

    Expert in a field of bringing maximum value to the IСОs.
    Developing and improving new services or products.

  • Zeeshan Khan


    A highly accomplished entrepreneur and a business analyst with a proven track record of obtaining excellent results where many others have failed. He is excellent in providing technical and strategic advice to the businesses in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cyber Security. Zeeshan has worked with more than 5 IСОs helping them build a realistic roadmap and technical goals which are achievable. Zeeshan has enjoyed immense success in the field of Information technology and has a wide client base stretching across the UK, USA, India and the Middle East.

  • Daryl Naidoo


    Founder of Promethean Dynamics. Daryl has more than 16 years of business development, strategic marketing and client acquisition experience and is on the board of advisors for several IСО's. He is also a member of the Blockchain Advisory Council, and a Bitnation Ambassador. He is passionate about Blockchain technology and it's potential to create a positive global impact, on multiple levels

  • Azamat Kurbanov


    Azamat Kurbanov is an experienced leader and a visionary with the knowledge in corporate transactions, financial services, technology, wireless services and logistics. The success Mr. Kurbanov has had in the past includes experience as a operations manager, building corporate presence and generating profitability in highly competitive markets. Award wining Entrepreneur. Experienced Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the Marketing industry and International business. Business Angel at РБК and Silicone Valley.

  • Sharat Chandra


    Sharat is a seasoned Blockchain professional with expertise in IСО whitepaper content management, digital marketing, and technical writing. He has devised and executed successful digital marketing strategies for Blockchain media companies.

  • Giovanni Casagrande

    Adviser IСОBench Expert

    Giovanni is notable blockchain industry figurehead, growth hacker and he is a co-Founder of Black Marketing Guru, a digital marketing and advertising startup based in Rimini, Italy. He is also an advisor to Swachhcoin, Zuflo and other a lot of projects.

  • Saiteja Kuruva


    Expert in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. With in depth knowledge of Implementation of successful IСОS and smart contracts.He has been working in Blockchain implementations for more than 2 years now apart from this he has Worked directly with many IСОS as an advisor for Blockchain &Cryptocurrency projects.

  • Suraj Tiwari

    Adviser IСОBench Expert

    IСО advisor with experience in marketing and getting coins listed on exchanges.
    Proven track record of handling IT company as managing director for 4 years. With total of more than 10 years experience in information technology.

  • Tudorache Alexandru


    With a sales/marketing background, Alex has helped guide marketing programs in a wide range of industries, including telecom and high-risk payment processing. His experience in affiliate marketing is extensive, beginning as an Amazon affiliate and ultimately heading ActionPay's multinational affiliate program for two years. A blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrency investor himself, Alex currently applies his marketing expertise advising high-performing IСОs.

  • Arpit Sharma

    Blockchain Advisor

    Over 6 years of industry experience in administering technical and strategic assistance focused on businesses based on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. Arpit has been giving solutions related to Infrastructure and datacenter management for many years. Planning, coordinating and implementing projects are his core expertise, which ensures seamless operation of advanced infrastructures.

  • Mj Paul


    I am a crypto enthusiast. I have 3 years experience in the field of crypto currencies. Currently working as CEO at XRT Foundation ( Also I have served as General manager in Hotel and Resort industry for 4 years. I provide end-to-end services to the IСО projects and help them to achieve their target.

  • Laura Zaharia


    Laura Zaharia is a graduate from International Relations and European Studies. She has worked in the administrative area and found that too many problems are left with no solution. So, after a year of freelance writing, in 2016 she entered in the Crypto world. Since then she has been an active member in different IСОs, studying and analyzing all Crypto-Currencies and, also, providing insights as an adviser.
    She loves meeting new people, learning new things, traveling, laughing and helping the society have a better future with each action.

  • Khaya Maloney


    An advisor and global operations manager, with experience in successfully coordinating the business of blockchain around the world.
    Has experience in fintech solutions implementation, with experience in IСО set up in the field of blockchain relations and business development.

  • Serkan Ay


    Local Advisor
    6+ years experience in Network Marketing, 2+ years Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiast; helps Startup Projects to gain popularity in local markets, 2+ years experience in Digital Marketing, high rank member, bounty campaign organizer, helps IСОs to get their tоkеп / coin listed in medium size exchanges. Local advisor, community manager and marketer of various Blockchain projects (especially for german and turkish communities)

  • Iyke Aru


    Iyke is the leading blockchain educator and project advisor in Africa.
    He is also a writer and crypto contributor in several successful IСОs that includes LATоkеп, Ethersportz and UBEX. Iyke has 15 years of experience in both mainstream and internet contribution. He writes about cryptos for various top blockchain and crypto news resources.

  • Faisel Shuib


    Chief Information Security Officer, Blockchain and crypto-currency entrepreneur. Certified and experienced with an excellent track record of working within a wide range of industries from retail to aerospace, healthcare to transport, in the public, private and third sectors.
    In addition to his leadership role, Faisel is a certified Cyber Security expert that has read Computer Science at Teesside University and then went on to read Information Security and Digital Forensics at Napier University.
    Faisel aims to leverage the capability of artificial intelligence to disrupt industries and ensure the security of all the business he holds a stake within.

  • Carlo Buonpane


    Entrepreneur, investor, crypto enthusiast, coach and mentor.
    Advisor expert in fundraising with 3+ years experience.

  • Zulekha Cara


    Entrepreneur and early cryptocurrency adopter and advocate. Cryptocurrency trader/miner, IСО advisor and Blockchain consultant. Founder of CryptoTraders Za Pty Ltd, a leading cryptocurrency training provider in South Africa. She majored in Finance and Economics at the University of Cape Town and holds an honours degree in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management. She has worked at a top South African bank and as a Business Process Analyst for a large FMCG organisation.

  • Bharat Gandass


    Bharat is a MBA in finance and along with holds a degree in Blockchain development. He hails from India and has been to many IСО events as a SPEAKER.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AtlantlCO Network?

    ATLANTlCO Network is the first medical and pharmaceutical blockchain platform that improves and takes the quality of services and medical products to a new level, regulates prices and makes relationships transparent between all participants of the platform: patients, doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as medical centers.

  • Where is the company registered? What is this company?

    Atlantic International finance and loan limited, Address: 31/2 Irish Town, Gibraltar, Email: [email protected], tel: 0034621214974, the company has been operating since 1987, has assets and a huge list of existing businesses

  • What is ATLANTlCO Network tоkеп? Where and how to buy it?

    ATL tоkепs are the internal currency of the platform, cryptographic software that has a functional application on the ATLANTlCO Network platform. ATL tоkепs will give the opportunity for tоkеп holders to receive dividends from the platform's profits. In order to purchase tоkепs you can register in the personal account on the website, the price of 1 ATL = 0.0001 ETH

  • What cryptocurrency can buy ATLANTlCO Network tоkепs?

    ATLANTlCO network tоkепs can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Neo (NEO), USD ($)

  • How many ATLANTlCO network tоkепs will be issued?

    During the tоkепsale there will be a maximum of 250 000 000 tоkепs, 250 000 000 tоkепs for rewards to participants using the platform, 250 000 000 tоkепs for the IPO and listing on stock exchanges, 250 000 000 tоkепs remain with the team of the ATLANTlCO Network.

  • When does ATLANTlCO Network plan to list tоkепs on the cryptocurrency exchanges?

    Listing tоkепs on cryptocurrency exchanges is planned after the tоkеп sale and tоkеп distribution, October-November 2018

  • When can I see the tоkепs on my wallet after payment?

    Tоkепs will be transferred to buyers after the tоkепsale.

  • Is it possible for residents of the United States to participate in the tоkеп sale?

    No, US citizens are not allowed to participate in the tоkеп sale. Your participation in the tоkеп sale is only possible if you are an accredited investor.

  • Are there any limits on the maximum or minimum amount of tоkепs purchased?

    Yes, the minimum number of tоkепs you can buy is 100 ATL, the maximum number is not limited.

  • Is it possible to buy tоkепs using an exchange wallet?

    Yes, tоkепs can be paid for from both a cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency exchanger wallet.

  • What will happen to unsold tоkепs?

    All unsold tоkепs will be burned.

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